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Floral water

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Floral water

If you want your clothes to smell good after washing, choose lavender or jasmine floral water! Its enchanting fragrance will envelop your linen in freshness to the delight of your whole family!

Our floral water has inherited all the soothing and disinfecting virtues of lavender / jasmine.

Unlike essential oils, our floral water does not contain corrosive ingredients; it is therefore very appreciated by people with sensitive skin.

  • Smell your laundry without chemicals
  • Perfect combination with Oiko balls
  • 100% natural and cruelty-free
  • Made in France ( Provence )


Directions for use: When your laundry is dry, spray the floral water directly on your clothes to give them a fresh scent.

Note: 100ml bottle

ECONOMICAL: Reusable up to 1,500 times, roughly the equivalent of four years of wash loads and about $1,200.

PERFORMING: Helps preserve the colour of your clothes and increase the mixing of laundry in the washing machine for a more efficient wash.

EASY TO USE:  Compatible with all top-load, front-load, and HE washing machines.

ECOLOGICAL: In addition to creating zero pollution, we are committed to removing 1 pound of plastic waste for every Oiko balls ordered.

TIP:  Use 3 Oiko balls for 12 lbs of dirty clothes or 5 Oiko balls for 20 lbs of dirty clothes for maximum result. 


Easy as pie !

1/ Place your Oiko balls in your washing machine

2/ Launch your usual washing program

3/ Smell your laundry is clean!

Once in the water, the bioceramic balls contained in the Oiko ball will create an alkaline water which will clean the clothes of odors and stains.

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