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We believe that everyone has a role to play, that we are all together for a better tomorrow, even when washing our clothes.

Tomorrow will be clean

Today, we can no longer ignore the ecological disaster we have done. We need to stop polluting, we have reached the limit. We have exhausted our planet, nature and its resources. Today, we must rebuild the future on a healthier, more humane and more environmentally friendly ways. With Oiko, we want to reduce oceanic trash, and make a gesture of love towards our mother Earth.

Simple and effective solutions

At Oiko, we are completely dedicated to sharing and finding washing solutions that is in harmony with nature. Our efforts to promote this simple, affordable and sustainable laundry method are based on our love for the land and the oceans. And our dream to see the world free of rubbish.

Laundry : the most widely used household product in the world

Laundry detergent has become the household product since the end of WWII the most used in the world. Most consumers believe that laundry is just a simple clothing soap, when in fact it is one of the most toxic substances found in every household. Our mission is to raise awareness about this issue, and to offer a simple, efficient, affordable and ecological solution


Our goal is to raise the level of awareness regarding the plastic waste issue around the world.

The very thick plastic laundry jugs found everywhere in supermarkets represent 50 million tons of plastic waste per year that is sent to the landfills all over the world, mainly in Malaysia, and which intoxicates the daily life of the populations.

The ecological alternative to chemical laundry detergents.

Oiko balls are laundry balls that completely replace detergent. In addition to not polluting, we are committed to remove 300 grams of plastic waste for each Oiko ball purchased.

Our goal is clear: to clean up the planet one Oiko ball at a time.


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