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6 tips / tricks for choosing the right washing machine

6 tips / tricks for choosing the right washing machine

For years, the washing machine has become the essential household appliance product for all households. For the most part, it is a real headache to find the machine that suits our needs. It must be functional, efficient, spacious enough and, above all, last over time. Here are some tips for choosing the right machine for sure:

1.Washing capacity

5, 7 or 9 kilos ? which is the best model for your daily use? You have to choose a machine adapted to the number of people in your household:

5 kg for one person;
7 kg for a couple;
9 kg for a family of three to five people.

Often, the capacity indicated depends on the washing programs and especially on the brand!

2. The programs offered
A washing machine usually offers several wash programs. Some of them are present in most devices. Choose the machine that matches your use. The most frequent programs are:

Quick wash: cycle suitable for washing lightly soiled laundry
The delicate cycle: for the fibers of lingerie or woolen clothes
Cold washing: Washing at low temperature allows you to save up to 50% energy compared to a conventional wash.
The rinse program +: additional rinse for baby's clothes, or sensitive skin.

Good to know: choose a machine with high spinning speed. (800 to 1400 rpm)

3. Special programs
In addition to the classic programs, some washing machines offer programs specifically adapted to the laundry or to special needs. Some will probably never serve you… so choose the options that suit your lifestyle. Here are the options that you will need or not:

The sport program: for synthetic fabrics.
The intensive program: for heavily soiled laundry.
The hand wash program: for delicate fabrics.
The dark color program: to preserve the colors.
The jeans program: to preserve the material and color of jeans clothes.
The shirts program: to avoid wrinkles.
The sheer program: to remove dust.

No need to choose a machine with too many features if you are using your machine for everyday use.

4. The characteristics of the machine
There are more or less technological machines on the market. It's like with cars, the options are up to you:

The interactive LED screen: to be able to follow everything from A to Z
Safety devices: to avoid missteps and not flood your laundry room (anti-foam, anti-overflow, anti-leaks, etc.)
The audible signal: to warn you of the end of the cycle
The delayed start: to program your machine

Each year, manufacturers compete in inventiveness to offer more and more options that are more or less useful!

5. The type of machine
There are several types and sizes of machines. It is recommended to choose the right machine, taking into account the type of opening as well as the necessary space available. You have 2 options: the opening above for a small area or the front window which allows the machine to be fitted.

6. Energy savings
You can also choose your machine according to its energy class. This information is a mandatory mention indicated on the energy label of each machine. Class A +++ washing machines are the least energy efficient.

You now have all the keys to choosing the perfect washing machine for you! Know that in addition to a good machine, you will also need a good laundry. Oiko balls offer a perfect, chemical-free solution to wash your laundry naturally: They also help prevent premature aging of appliances caused by chemicals in traditional laundry.

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