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6 Tips to clean your dishwasher

6 Tips to clean your dishwasher

If you don't want to hand wash your dishes again, you need to properly maintain your dishwasher.

Here are some tips to naturally clean your machine.

1/ Descale your dishwasher

This is really important. Even if your dishwasher cleans, it gets dirty from water limestone. The best ecological way to get rid of limestone is ..... white vinegar. Simply drop 25o ml of white vinegar in your machine and launch an empty load.

2/ Clean up your dishwasher

Descaling is one thing but you also need to regularly clean up your dishwasher.

Remove the filter as well as all removables parts. In your sink, clean those elements with dishwashing liquid or black soap. Then unplug your machine and clean up the inside.

You should do that once a month

3/ Don't use too much Powder

you need to properly dose your tablets or powder. If you don't use enough, your dishes will be dirty.

But if you overdose, you will end up with white stains on your kitchen ware and the excess of powder will damage your machine.

4/ Dismantle the blades and remove food residues

Small food residues like rice or seeds can enter in the cleaning blades holes. Therefore blades can be stuck and dishes would end up being dirty.

Follow the suppliers notice to dismantle them and wash them with water.

Also make sure to clean your plates from food leftover before placing them into the machine.

5/ Make a quick pre-wash without wasting water

Some of your kitchenware won't fit in your dishwasher, like big pans or pots. Therefore when you wash them in your sink, re-use the same water to rinse your dishes before placing them in your machine.

Avoid wasting water should always be a priority in everything we do in our day to day life and one important message we would like to carry at OIKO.

6/ Get rid of the bad smells of your dishwasherΒ 

Because of food your dishwasher can sometimes smells bad.

In order to fight those bad odors and in the same time get rid of water limestone, simply add one soup spoon of bicarbonate where you usually put your tablet or powder just before launching a load.

You can also use white vinegar or salt.

Quick tip : Put half lemon in the cuterely baskets. That would add fresh and shine feel.

At OIKO, we are committed to find easy and affordable ways to help protect our environment. So, if you feel like reducing your domestic wastes while saving money along the way, visit our shop.

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