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6 things you can do to improve your environmental impact

6 things you can do to improve your environmental impact

1. Limit your water consumption
Water is gold. This is the most important element for life. With the sur-population, many people
around the world are already struggling to access it. This is why, everyone of us, by doing
simple and daily small things, we can help to save water.
Limit shower time, turn of the tap when brushing your teeth, reuse cooking water for the plants
are among the many things you can do. Easy and very effective.

2. Save Paper
Paper is made of trees, and saving trees is also crucial for life. They are the lungs of our planet.
Here again, there are very simple things everyone of us can do to help. Using a cleaning clothes
instead of paper towel to clean the house, avoid paper plates or cups, use both sides of paper
sheets while drawing or painting are very simple and useful tips.

3. Gardening
Healthy alternative that will help the environment. Very cost effective as you will save money
from products you can find in the supermarket. And on top of that you will help reducing the
carbon emissions by limiting transportation of goods.

4. Stop plastic bags
This is one of the biggest issue when you talk about pollution. Plastics wastes are everywhere
and most of the time end up in our oceans, threatening our beautiful marine life.
At OIKO, this is one of our main fight. By using our OIKO BALLS, not only will you stop using
chemicals for your laundry but you will also stop using plastic jugs.
Another way to help, is to always carry with you a re-usable bags while doing your groceries

5. Use modern tools to go paperless
In the last 30 years, technologies have improved drastically. Computers are everywhere and
internet have revolutionized our modern world. We can use those modern tools to limit our
impact of the environment.
Stop printing pictures by using digital cameras, use e-books, go paperless by receiving bills and
bank statements by e-mail. There is many ways to help.

6. Keep your energy cost down
With modern times, increasing our own comfort have been the goals of human beings. Heating
and cooling our homes when needed is one of our first goal. But most of the time the techniques
we use are increasing our energy cost, and therefore our environmental impact. Old
technologies like gas and oil boilers are proven to be dangerous and too costly. Replace them

by central heating, invest in proper windows in order to save energy. New roofing isolation is
also a must.

Or you can take a step back in the past and simply use warm blankets or even boil some hot
water to keep you warm during winter time.

One very good way to help our planet is to avoid creating plastic waste. Using OIKO BALLS for
your laundry will replace up to 55 plastic jugs of detergent that will never find their way to our

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