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10 Tips to reduce domestic wastes

10 Tips to reduce domestic wastes

The end of life of a product implies an important financial, energetic and ecological cost. Each and everyone of us can contribute to make things better by being careful about the way we choose to consume. Lower the quantity of our own household wastes is a very effective solution

1/ Limit packaging and prefer bulk

To reduce your wastes, the first and very simple thing to do is to stop buying packaged products. Avoid plastic and go for re-usable bags. The best way is to buy bulk products. Very economical solution as you will only buy what you really need.

2/ Choose re-usable products instead of disposables ones

For example, buy rechargeable batteries or switch from paper tissues to sponges, use washable filters for coffee instead of the disposable paper ones.

3 / Buy less but better

One third of american people are throwing away several kilos of food wastes every year, most of it being unconsumed packaged products.

Here are a few recommendation to avoid food wastes:

  • plan your meals so you can buy only what you really need
  • freeze food so you can keep it longer
  • be aware that some products can be kept longer such as pasta, cereals, cookies et....


4/ Cook smart

Cook by re-using your leftover food instead of throwing it away. The rest should go straight to the composter

5/ Try composting

Compost is an excellent natural fertilizer. This is ideal to have a garden of course but you can also find some common composters in the city. Ask your city to find out where is the nearest one from your house.

6/ Repair when you can

Something is broken or doesn't work anymore? Ask around and try to fix it instead of buying a new one.

7/ Give what you don't use anymore

When you don't need/ or want an object anymore, think about giving it away instead of throwing it away. Here again you will reduce your personal wastes.

8/ Reduce use of paper

Go digital and avoid printing if you can avoid it. Electric, water and phone bills for example can all be dealt with online.

9/ Reduce numeric wastes

They are also source of pollution as they are in fact stocked in huge servers that are using a lot of energy. Think about deleting all files and emails that you don't need or not using anymore.

10/ Rent or borrow instead of buying

Before buying a product, ask yourself if you really need it. A lot of time you will find it it better to rent or borrow from a friend of a neighbor. The idea is simple, the less you consume, the less you will produce wastes.


Following the same idea, why don't you try Oiko BallsSimple and effective, by using them you will avoid using up to 55 jugs of laundry detergent. Therefore reducing drastically your domestic wastes.

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